Heat Exchanger Service Tube

(ASTM A-249)

With our modern technology In the production of semi-seamless tube. It seams strength and smooth tube than general It also lasts longer. It is also washable, easy, fast. This high quality tube Designed for use in the sugar industry, ethanol ice preferred not to slag and residues. This causes fluid flow through the inconvenience.

Extra Precision Ice Tube

With a commitment to perfection and satisfaction. We always try to learn things. Customer and find something better. To meet the needs of customers from this point on, we have made innovation called Extra Precision’s technology. The latest production of Extra Precision tubes developed to be used for making ice machine. The features are rounded and smooth. The flow of ice is going to be quick and easy. Therefore, this type of tube used to produce ice. Thus the efficiency and capacity of the tube is higher than in the market.

General Industry Tube

(ASTM A-269)

Tubular stainless steel type. Low-temperature resistant and well. Suitable for general use and condenser.

ASTM A-249, ASTM A-269

Standard Dimension