Policy & Philosophy

“Provide Standard Products, Improve Steadily and Meet All Customers' Needs”

  1. To produce quality products according to the international standards (ASTM, JIS, DIN, AS, ISO, SWG, EN)
  2. To deliver products with quality and quantity, on time per customers’ requests.
  3. All operating division must operate tasks following coordinating plan and working manual strictly.
  4. All operating division has goals with clear working plans when performing tasks to accomplish goals.
  5. If performance in each period does not meet target, each division needs to analyze the causes, and find solutions to problems in order to solve problems and improve work continuously.
  6. All operating division must concern about customers’ needs both internal and external customers by applying working standard as a tool to satisfy customers.
  7. To check every steps of the production process strictly for quality control through the organization.
  8. To apply Quality Policy in every department from executives through the operation lines.
  9. To make employees aware of products quality by training and internal communication in the organization.
  10. Be committed to improve and develop personnel to increase their ability when operating work including personnel welfare development continuously.
  11. To focus on safety, occupational health, and environment for employees, visitors and surrounding communities.

Approved by
Mr. Somsak Sirileusuang
Managing Director

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