Thormo Super Heat Exchanger Tube

Thormo Tube

With modern technology plus advanced idea, to develop enable Toyo to produce high quality stainless steel tube for heat exchanger which is considered as the new innovation for use in the heat exchanger process with higher efficiency, help reducing the size of the heat exchanger and yet to resulted in the reduction of energy consumption as well.

Special Features of Tube

  1. Rifling rib making has been created to have heat transfer area to be 30% higher efficiency than normal tube, causing the number of tubes used is less. And resulted in the size of the heat exchanger is made clearly smaller with more compact. In addition, the production cost would be reduced.
  2. The feature of the rifling ribs at the inner wall of the tube with that are turning in the same direction throughout the tube, causing help to increase the swirl and turbulent flow. The heat resistance is decreasing while the heat transfer performance is higher. The heat transfer coefficient shall be approximately 50% higher compared to general ordinary tubes.
  3. Making such rifling rib help enhance more strength of the tube while part of the thinner tube wall in turn create the good result for increase the heat transfer is getting better.
  4. All tubes produced must pass the air and water pressure tests as required by international standard ASTM, PED.

According to

ASTM A-249, ASTM A-269

(Thormo Tube)

Standard Dimension